Advice From Jon Taffer On Why Customer Service Matters

Jon Taffer is a bar consultant, television personality, founder and owner of his own media company, and author. He’s best known for his role as host of the hit reality television series Bar Rescue.

He recently did an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk about his experience on bar rescue as well as a question and answer session with listeners. The advice Jon gives in his interview is priceless and much simpler than you may think.

One listener, who owns a barbecue restaurant, said their numbers have hit a plateau. Both Jon and Gary proceed to give the listener some great tips on what he can to do start pushing through that wall.

However, the best advice that Jon gives is near the end of the interview (and in the 5 minute clip below). Here’s Jon’s advice on why customer service matters.

“If somebody goes to a restaurant for the first time and has a flawless experience, the statistical likelihood of them doing a second visit is about 40%. They come back a second time and have a flawless experience, the statistical likelihood of a third visit is still about 42%. The third time they come, the statistical likelihood of a fourth visit is over 70%. So, you have to market to three visits, not one.”

“Market to three visits, not one.”

That is exactly where most restaurants make the mistake. Most people assume that once someone has one good experience, they’ll keep coming back. The problem is that there are several places that the customer has had just as good of an experience. You need to go the extra mile and market to them on their first three visits so that you can get that customer for life.
Watch the 5 minute clip below on how you can get a customer for life with great customer service. It’s simple and actionable advice that you can start doing in your restaurant today.

Keep Jon’s last line in mind when marketing your restaurant in the future. “Don’t discount, people get addicted to discounts, they don’t get addicted to free.”

Want more advice? View the full hour long interview where Jon Taffer gives branding and marketing advice to restaurants and talks about his experience with Bar Rescue on YouTube.

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