50 Amazing Restaurant Website Design Examples

A great restaurant website design is not just beautiful, but effective as well. While some website designers focus strictly on the visual aspects, which can be easy to get carried away with when dealing with restaurants and food, others simply focus on creating a simple and useful website that is straight to the point. An effective website for restaurants blends both the visual aspects and usefulness into one design. It’s not easy to do and most restaurants are severely lacking in proper execution of their web presence.

The perfect restaurant website design allows customers to find information like menus, location, hours of operation and contact info easily without too much distraction. However the customer must also get a sense of what this restaurant is about, their atmosphere, service and quality of food through the design aspects of the website.

We have compiled a list of 50 well designed restaurant and food websites that we believe have successfully followed this idea. Take a look for yourself and get inspired by these restaurant website designs.

Restaurant Website Design Examples For Inspiration

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Created with WordPress, Liceas offers a simple yet unique design. They’ve successfully brought both visual design elements and usefulness into their website. Business hours, location and contact info is view-able on each page while their large images are enticing enough to make you drool as you sift through their elegant menu.


Caravan brings together a classic simple design. Everything a customer needs (menu, events calendar, contact info, reservation options, address etc.) can be found with one click on their homepage menu. Nothing too fancy, no unnecessary distractions, just a clean and effective website for their restaurant.

Jacks Bar

Jacks Bar used WordPress to create this beautifully designed one-page restaurant website design for their bar in London. Using a one-page website allows them to simplify and only include what’s needed in order to prevent distractions. Every bit of information a customer needs is all on one page saving them time searching around the website. They’ve also incorporated a pop-out video worth taking a look at for inspiration; it’s effective at displaying their atmosphere and extremely well done.


Toca is another great example of a one-page website. A simple design with easy to find information make the user experience a good one, which should reflect well on their restaurant. With a full-screen video showcasing their expertise this is also a great example of how to use video in your restaurant’s website.


Another WordPress restaurant website, Pho takes a unique visual approach. Easy-to-find information with custom icons for their menu make this website a pleasing experience for their customers. Pho takes social very seriously with an Instagram feed, Twitter feed and social media icons on each page; and it pays off.

America Restaurant

“Big, bold and beautiful.” Taken right from their tagline and it perfectly describes their restaurant website design. America Restaurant takes an elegant yet bold and visual approach to their website to convey their atmosphere to visitors of their website.


Maialino’s homepage graphic with a menu incorporated into it is what really separates this website apart from others. It’s a unique concept we don’t often see and it makes this restaurant stand out online in order for them to attract more customers.

Desert Chill

Desert Chill designed a beautifully bright and very kid friendly website for their ice cream business. It’s simplicity blends well with it’s bright and bold colours and typography.

Bar Isabel

Bar Isabel really stood out for us. It can be difficult to make a dark them look really good, but they’ve done a great job. This one-page website is simple and straight to the point. Almost too simple that it’s mysterious, making you want to go there to see what it’s all about.


Big, bold and yet simple. That’s how Earls Kitchen + Bar have designed their website. With very little text it’s easy to find what you’re looking for all while getting an idea of the atmosphere and experience that you are sure to enjoy.

Amsterdam Brewhouse

Amsterdam Brewhouse is more than just a restaurant. Their website needed to include an online shop, tour and event bookings as well as information about their brewery and kitchen. They’ve put all of those items together in a beautifully designed and visually appealing website for their customers.

El Catrin

This Mexican restaurant brings together a modern and authentic website design that has established them as one of Toronto’s best Mexican restaurants and has helped with them many awards. While some aspects leave us wanting a little more, it’s hard to complain when you can find the necessary information you need in seconds.

Gramercy Tavern

Large and inviting images, videos and classic design elements are what makes Gramercy Tavern’s website one of our favorite restaurant website design examples. It’s quite easy to grab inspiration from this restaurant’s design.

Le Baernardin

A beautiful and simple one-page website with full-page images of their food is what got Le Bardnardin’s website on this list. It’s a unique take with it’s side menu, using the “hamburger button” which has been widely debated, and it makes this restaurant stand out online.


There’s something about this restaurant’s old-school classic look that makes their website memorable. Whether it’s the brick background, lights or textures it definitely makes you want to book a reservation as soon as possible.

La Pierre Qui Tourne

Hand-drawn images are never used enough online, especially in the restaurant industry. La Pierre Qui Tourne uses them, and it works perfectly. You need to check out this website for yourself to see just how well designed it really is. Oh, and definitely view every page, you won’t be disappointed.


This well organized one-page website by Reviver is simple yet effective. Built with WordPress and using parallax images, this restaurant website design is both visually appealing and informative.

Pure Thai Cookhouse

Full-screen background images of their food and restaurant makes it tempting for anyone visiting their website to make a reservation or order food online with their online ordering option. Extremely simple and with little information, users will be spending more time doing what they want rather than searching around a website.


We loved how this restaurant’s website design was organized. Using a solid WordPress theme, Lupa has created a visually appealing and simple website that checks all of the boxes when it comes to the perfect website for restaurant owners.

Girl & The Goat

When your restaurant is a beautiful as the Girl & The Goat’s, you put a large full-screen image of it on your homepage and let that do the talking. I already know I want to dine there without knowing anything about their food. Take notes on this one.

Au Cheval

Similar to the Girl & The Goat, visuals are so important and Au Cheval does not disappoint. Scroll down their homepage for full-screen photos of their restaurant and food and you’re sure to be drooling by the time you get to the bottom. Make your key information (menu, location, contact info, hours) easily accessible, but let the visuals do the talking like this restaurant’s website.


Beautiful place, beautiful food and a beautiful website. Sarcoa takes this WordPress theme and fills it with parallax photos and bold typography. While some pages have work to be done, overall their website is quite simple and effective.

Pourhouse Restaurant

This WordPress website has been designed to match the atmosphere of Pourhouse Restaurant quite well. From the typography to the simple visual designs, it’s a classic and simple website that is very well put together.


One of our favorites, Fable’s website uses several types of typography and background patterns that really make this website stand out when first taking a look at it. Another one-page website, it’s a simple design that allows you to find what you need quickly.


Coast has created and elegant one-page website for their restaurant that truly gives the viewer and idea of what this classic, high-end, seafood restaurant is all about.

The Flying Pig

All three locations are posted in their header with their corresponding address and phone number making it impossible to miss. This simple restaurant website design has a great logo and uses beautiful but not overpowering images throughout their website on every page.


A very sleek and elegant website, Spencer’s puts out the perfect vibe. This restaurant has put together a solid website with good call-to-actions, an easy to navigate layout and great photos.


Balzac’s created their website with unique design elements that are very fitting to the type of atmosphere and service they are known for. This website is almost more art than website, and it works great.


Cluny’s unique logo and full-screen homepage graphic are what really grabs the attention of the customer when visiting their website. This classic French restaurant displays their atmosphere through their website quite well.


Too simple? Not at all. Jungsik’s website is beautiful and creative while maintaining elegance and class. It’s one of just a few restaurant websites that gives you a good interpretation of their restaurant without the use of too many visual components.

The Kitchen

The beautifully bold and rustic design of The Kitchen’s website is what made it stand out to us. Get a glimpse of the interior of the restaurant as well as the food on the homepage and then find what information you need in one click.


In our top 5? Probably. Katsuya’s website for their sushi restaurant should be used as a standard template when designing any restaurant’s website. Take inspiration from every part of this site and use it in your own way.


Not a restaurant but in the food industry, Condiment uses the elements we’ve seen many times. Full-screen images, well-organized and good navigation sets this WordPress site as a perfect standard in great layouts.

Michi Ramen

Michi Ramen, they know what they’re doing here. If this list was ranked this website would be much higher up. The visuals used to display each dish, the bold typography, the simple layout and great call-to-actions set this website apart from most others.


Another one-page layout, the background elements of Lee’s website is what amazes us. The beautiful art and visuals in parallax form behind the text gives this Asian restaurant a classy and authentic vibe.

Riad 11 Zitoune

This could quite possible be our favorite design on this list. Writing about it can’t do it justice, there is just too much to see. Check it out for yourself and then figure out how you’re going use this new found inspiration to replicate some of these elements into your own restaurant’s website.


Carmine’s has an old, classic design feel to it. It’s the type of website that gets the job done without too much flare. Everything from locations, reservations, catering, menus and gift cards are always one click away.


Visit their website, scroll down, fall in love. The visuals are vibrant and perfectly suited for this website. Each page is unique and a treat to visit. It’s easy to get a little inspired by this design.


A bright and simple one-page restaurant website design, Pastaria is definitely one of our favorites on this list. Just enough photos, easy to find information and a unique experience gives customers a good impression of this restaurant.


Chocolat, the authentic gelato experience and an amazing website experience. This is a truly unique website with an incredible use of images, color and typography. This website is a must to check out before designing your own.


Clean, bold, vibrant and just generally really effective. There’s nothing over the top about this website, but it’s layout and call-to-actions are so well used that this website perfectly relates back to our thought that all restaurant websites need to be simple and effective.


Yet another website so beautifully designed that it’s hard to put into words. Check out this extremely unique design for yourself and let us know what you think in the comment section below. Has the website won any awards yet? It should.

Smokey Bones

Huge full-screen close-up photos of their food will have your mouth watering before you can do anything else on their website. Which is exactly what every restaurant’s website should do. The side menu keeps the images in the forefront while creating an easy-to-use experience for the user.


Designed on SquareSpace, Victor’s website is a classic layout with amazing images taking over the experience. All of the information you will need to find is just one click away from wherever you are on the site.


Another one-page WordPress restaurant theme, Patria’s website is unique and a wonderful experience that is easy to navigate. The full-page call-to-action when you first visit the website is well designed and a nice touch.

Friends the Restaurant

Friends the Restaurant’s website is designed with bright and bold colors, typography and artistic drawings throughout. There’s a lot of information to take in about this restaurant and the design and navigation make it easy to consume that info without getting lost.

Marie Catrib’s

Unique typography and incredible little design elements make up this amazing restaurant website design. This one you have to check out for yourself, take a look and let us know what you think in the comment section below.


Simple and elegant. Canoe’s website isn’t flashy, and that shouldn’t be what they were going for. An easy to navigate website without having to scroll around to find things makes this restaurant website design a great example of a good layout.


While we usually recommend never using background music on your website as it can distract and annoy users who are already listening to their own music, Sepia makes it work. The music adds to the atmosphere quite well and has an option to turn it off that is easy to find. This is a compact little website that offers a great experience to the user.

Parts & Labour

Another great use of fullscreen images that are sure to get your mouth watering. Parts & Labour has created a simple to use website, with easy to find navigation, that makes life easier for their customers when searching online for the information they need.

Restaurant Website Design Conclusion

It’s no simple task to create an effective website for a restaurant. Restaurant website design should not be taken lightly considering the huge importance of a strong web presence for a restaurant and the impact it can have on their bottom line.

Using a free website builder, or the cheapest designer, should not be a restaurant owners first choice. A good restaurant website design is an investment that should pay for itself if done correctly.

Does your restaurant need a new website design? Contact us today, we can help!

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