The 7 Best Restaurant Food Delivery Services To Partner With

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Online ordering is one of the easier ways to boost your sales by up to 25%. Internet-savvy customers are wanting to order from their computers and smartphones and get their food delivered more often than ever before.

Whether you want to deliver the food yourself, or have a company do it for you, choosing one of the following food delivery services that best suits your restaurant will benefit you enormously.


UberEATS lets customers order food for delivery quickly and easily through their app. Similar to how Uber works for rides, a driver will show up to your location that you selected within the app with your order. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Prepare the orders that come in and wait for the driver to arrive at your restaurant to pick it up for you.

Available Countries: Throughout North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and South Africa.

Partner with UberEATS.



SkipTheDishes is a little different than the companies we’ve already mentioned. They actually send a food courier to your restaurant to pickup the food and drop it off at the customers address. This saves you having to hire a delivery driver and makes for no extra work for you. They state that some restaurants see a 10-25% increase in revenue from SkipTheDishes.

Available Countries: Canada, United States

Partner with Skip The Dishes.

Just Eat

just eat logo

Just Eat is one of the leaders in online take-out and delivery services. It’s quite a simple process. You sign up, have their team specialist create your menu online and then you can start accepting online orders from the Just Eat customer base. This opens up your restaurant to a whole new set of customers that may have not heard of your restaurant before.

Available Countries: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Partner with Just Eat.

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon is another great option you have for online delivery ordering. Customers will order through the Prime Now app, your restaurant is notified along with a delivery person, and then Amazon picks up the order in an insulated bag to deliver to the customer. All orders are delivered in 1 hour or less.

Available Countries: United States, United Kingdom

Partner with Amazon Prime Now.



Similar to Just Eat, Seamless has a huge network of customers that will start ordering for delivery or pickup when you signup and setup your menu with them. More than 35,000 restaurants are already accepting orders through their system.

Available Countries: United States

Partner with Seamless.



GrubHub, a service that Seamless partners with, is another option at your disposal. You can accept orders through their mobile app, website or your own customer site. Customers browse their menus and place an order online. GrubHub will send you the order to be made and delivered as you would normally do. They process an average of 234,700 orders each day nationwide.

Available Countries: United States

Partner with GrubHub.



Eat24 is another option in partnership with Yelp. With a network of over 25,000 restaurants, Eat24 is one of the nation’s best online ordering services. Customers find your menu, place an order and Eat24 send you the order to make the food and send it out for delivery as you normally would.

Available Countries: United States

Partner with EAT24.

Whichever services you choose to partner with, you’ll be looking at increased sales without having to do any extra work. While they each take a cut of the order price, consider how much you would have had to spend yourself in order to find and acquire that new customer. Not to mention the time spent marketing to new customers. Just sit back and watch your order numbers increase.

If you have any questions about how you can incorporate one of these services into your restaurant’s website, send us an email!

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