The 20 Best Point Of Sale (POS) Systems For Restaurants

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Managing a restaurant requires organizing and overseeing many different moving parts. From the food to the accounting, these tasks are hard to keep organized and on point. POS systems for restaurants are designed to streamline certain tasks and help you run a smooth operation.

POS systems help restaurants with tasks such as:

  • making detailed reports about sales and expenses
  • track inventory levels to prevent ingredient shortages
  • provide table management with your restaurant’s layout
  • create a faster billing process for both the staff and customer
  • reduce human error in calculations
  • offer loyalty programs to improve customer service
  • accept multiple types of payment for orders
  • track employee activity and performance
  • making office reporting and accounting a simple process
  • integrations with online ordering and reservation software
  • and much, much more…

There are certainly no shortage of tasks that most POS systems can handle. Having the right POS sytem setup in your restaurant can save you and your staff countless hours managing your restaurant.

The Best POS Systems For Restaurants

There are several options you have when deciding on which POS system is best for your restaurant. Take into consideration the ease of use, technical knowledge required, support provided, security of your data, and their list of integrations when choosing the best POS system for your restaurant. While pricing may also play a role in your decision, make sure you’re choosing the best option for the long-run.

We have curated a list of the 20 best POS systems for restaurants below so that you can find the software that fits your requirements perfectly.


TouchBistro offers two types of software so that you can choose the one that best suits your business needs. The Full Service program is designed for restaurants, bars, breweries, and nightclubs while their Quick Service option is ideal for cafés, food trucks, bakeries, and fast-food service. Regardless of your business type, TouchBistro is convenient and easy-to-use since everything is designed specifically for use with the Apple iPad.

Schedule a demo with TouchBistro to see it’s full capabilities.

Upserve POS

Upserve POS, formerly Breadcrumb boasts an advantage as the only POS system built for restaurants designed specifically by restaurant owners themselves. upserve promises intuitive use and streamlined operations between front and back of house. It also integrates easily with the inventory and employee management systems you’re already using. 24/7 customer support is provided by staff who are experienced with working on a restaurant floor and understand the needs of your business. Upserve is one of the first brands in the industry to offer a customized restaurant POS app on both Android and iOS.

Schedule a demo with Upserve to see it’s full capabilities.


Lavu POS systems centralize your data storage in a cloud-based system to give management complete control over the program. Lavu allows you to accept a variety of payment methods including strip cards, chip cards, and Apple Pay all through a single device. With dozens of languages available and placement in over 80 countries, Lavu is a great option for international businesses.

Revel Systems

Revel Systems makes it easy to incorporate features like discounts, gift cards, online ordering, and loyalty programs since all those features are built in to their platform. Revel is great for the management team in charge of multiple locations because it offers real-time reporting from their POS platform straight to your smartphone. This way owners and managers can make informed decisions even when they’re on-the-go.


Toast is ideal for the restaurant that wants to streamline their ordering and payment process. Designed for use on custom Android tablets, Toast is a fully mobile POS system that allows servers to spend more time at the table with their guests and less time away at a computer. Toast also allows table-side ordering and payment to increase the efficiency of service.

Aloha Cloud

Aloha Cloud brings restaurants to life. Aloha is the industry-leading POS and management platform provider with both on-premise and cloud-based POS offerings. Aloha’s core capabilities include fixed and handheld POS, online ordering, loyalty, email marketing, robust reporting, and payment processing. With Aloha Essentials or Aloha Cloud, brands can choose between on-premise or cloud-based POS without sacrificing quality, functionality or 24/7 access to support. Schedule a demo with Aloha Cloud to see its full capabilities.


In addition to POS services, Habortouch also offers access to online reservations, employee management systems, and a customer database. With these extra features, you can streamline your reservation system, keep track of employee timesheets and evaluate sales performance, as well as keep records of customers’ order histories and personal details.


Clover offers a variety of POS hardware options including a mobile tablet, a powerful countertop touchscreen, and a smartphone system ideal for food trucks and farmer’s markets. Clover has integrated data reporting so you can better understand both your customers and your competition. It also makes it easy to track inventory, sales, timesheets, and more.


Square guarantees simplicity, ease of use, and quick set-up to cut down on unnecessary hours of staff training. It makes it simple to split tabs and accept multiple payments while giving customers suggested tip options and the choice of digital versus printed receipts. Square also offers integrated payment processing and the ability to take payments without an internet connection.


Lightspeed’s efficient software is designed to speed up service, increase turnover, split bills with ease, and change table layouts on the fly. Their interface allows you to present detailed menu options with photos, descriptions, and prices so new staff can familiarize themselves with the food in a flash. Tableside ordering increases efficiency and cuts down on server errors.


ShopKeep promises business owners the lowest possible integrated payment processing rate so you can save on every transaction. ShopKeep also offers automated inventory management to save time and avoid potential mistakes. ShopKeep supports your business’ email marketing plan by making it easy to capture customers’ contact info and grow your email list.

eZee BurrP!

eZee BurrP! is ideal for the restaurant with multiple locations or franchises. Its Head Office module makes it possible for a single owner to take control over all connected locations with remote access. eZee can also help you save money and reduce waste with real-time inventory tracking. For the business looking to integrate third-party hardware and software, eZee makes it easy to incorporate a variety of additional programs.

Loyverse POS

Loyverse offers a free POS system for small businesses which works on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Loyverse promises to simplify the task of modifying orders and allows owners to track cash flow through their business. Loyverse also offers daily notifications about low-stock items so you never run out of necessities.


Maitre’D offers the option of both counter-top and mobile POS systems in addition to real-time data reports on things like sales, labour costs, voids, and promotions. You can also set up customized alerts to your mobile phone so you can respond immediately to a developing situation if necessary.


AccuPOS is ideal for businesses that use QuickBooks or Sage accounting programs. The POS system’s integrated automation will save you time and money when it comes to your bookkeeping hours. AccuPOS is compatible with Windows computers and Android mobile devices, giving you a wide range of hardware choices.

Epos Now

Epos Now is an award-winning POS system trusted by hospitality businesses like Best Western Hotels and Subway Restaurants. Their customizable dashboard offers real-time updates on product information, sales numbers, and employee performance from any device. Epos Now also makes it easy to manage employee timesheets and payroll as staff can clock in and out directly through the POS system.

Rezku POS

Rezku is great for all food and beverage service concepts. From Nightclubs to full-service; pizzerias to sushi bars. And everything in between. Rezku POS boasts a massive feature set, giving you a ton of power. But it’s easy to use and intuitive. Founded by a veteran restaurant owner, Rezku focuses on real-world solutions. Helping hospitality businesses control costs and make more money. The system is cloud-based, giving you total mobile management. Yet it works offline so your business doesn’t suffer during internet outages.


BarTab is designed to suit the specialized needs of pubs and bars. Their self-service option makes it possible for customers to order directly from an iPad at their table which cuts down on wait-times and increases sales. BarTab’s traditional POS system offers integration with your accounting software, cash control features, and customer loyalty programs.


POSitouch offers both quick service and table service options to suit everything from fine-dining to delivery. This software includes table management and reservation management features as well as social media integration so you can easily send a Facebook invite or post to Twitter. POSitouch also offers programs to manage banquets and private events with ease.

A&B POS Solutions

A&B POS Solutions makes it easy to set up your operational data from a remote location and view all your data at any time, from anywhere via their cloud-based reporting. With A&B, data is backed up offsite so you don’t have to worry. A&B is fully scalable and designed to work with any kind of business including food trucks and pop-ups.

Each POS system is unique. Finding the best one for your restaurant isn’t that easy and will depend on what your list of requirements are. Doing your research now will make for a smooth transition into using your new software and help prevent future headaches down the road.


Tillpoint is a complete restaurant management platform that lets you run all parts of your business through its innovative system of over 25 professional apps, including point of sale, table management, inventory, customer promotions, and employee management. All apps and features are included in every plan, enabling users to centralize their operation regardless of the number of outlets they have.

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