TapMango Review: Customer Loyalty Program for Restaurants

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It’s a known fact that restaurants face some of the toughest competition in the business world. With an ever increasing number of options it’s becoming extremely difficult to convince new customers to try out your restaurant.

In order to get the most value out of each new customer you need them to come back again and again. This means that customer loyalty should be your restaurants next biggest marketing strategy moving forward.

By running a loyalty program for your restaurant you’re able to keep customers loyal, increase sales, and grow your restaurant to new heights.

One such loyalty program is TapMango. Let’s dive deeper into what TapMango can do for your restaurant. Read our TapMango review below to see if it’s worth trying out.

What is TapMango?

TapMango is a customizable, comprehensive and feature-rich customer loyalty program for restaurants and other businesses looking to make customer loyalty a priority.

You’re provided with:

  • A customer facing tablet with custom branding
  • Your own mobile branded app so that customers can keep track of their points, offers and deals
  • Branded keytags that can be used as gift cards
  • An online marketing portal to manage your campaigns, customers and stats

All of this allows you to bring customers back to your restaurant more often with incentives. You can send special offers, coupons and more over SMS, mobile push and email to convince customers to come back more often.

You can also acquire new customers by sharing images on Facebook in-store through the tablet, create an automated viral friend referral system and increase both the quality and quantity of reviews that your restaurant gets through Yelp and Google.

TapMango integrates with all major POS systems like Square, Lightspeed, Toast, Clover, Shopify, Vend and many more.


How Restaurants Use TapMango

Restaurants are part of one of the industries that are able to get the most out of what TapMango has to offer. Below is a list of what TapMango can do for your restaurant.

  • Quickly sell out of not-so-fresh menu items by running a flash sale that customers can buy from home to avoid tossing product in the garbage
  • Text your customers before their birthdays, holidays, sporting events etc. to let them know you’re ready to host the big event
  • Get more likes, followers, and shares on social media by letting your customers earn points for each action they take which will help bring their social media friends to your restaurant
  • Make sure your happy customers are leaving your restaurant a 5 star review on Yelp and/or Google so that you have a high rating and are found more often in search engines
  • Use your branded mobile app to let customers load money, get promotions, and you’ll get notifications when they’re in your area so that you can market to them
  • Get more orders with TapMango’s mobile ordering platform by allowing customers to place orders directly from your app and pick it up in-store when ready all while earning rewards


You’re required to call them or book a demo in order to learn about their pricing as it’s not publicly advertised. However we do know that you’re not locked into a contract and instead pay a monthly fee.

The monthly fee includes:

  • Your own branded mobile app
  • 8” touchscreen tablet and stand
  • 500 branded keychain tags
  • Design customization
  • Consultation on setup
  • All portal, tablet and mobile features
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Free service desk
  • 10,000 free emails per month
  • 1,000 free SMS per month
  • Live chat, email and phone support

TapMango Reviews

“So many ways to reward Customers!”

Overall: There are so many different things that you can do on a regular basis to keep customers coming back!

Pros: I love how it is tailored to my company. If i want to make a change, add a feature, or if I am just having trouble figuring something out, there is someone there to help me all the time! I have never had an unanswered question! There are so many different ways to reward your customers, from automatic texts when they haven’t been in for a certain amount of time, to sending out specific promos and vouchers to get them back in sooner. The birthday gift is a huge hit as well! We just give out something small. But Customers love it!

Cons: The only con that I would have is the trouble I had in the beginning with the tablet not staying charged. But a new cable that I got sent for free and staying diligent to make sure my staff turned off the tablet at the end of each day made a 100% improvement.

– Christina S.

“Great Service, wonderful customer service at a valued price!!”

Overall: This system is a breeze. Great customer service, fully customizable for your business needs. If you have any ideas the customer service team will help you make them a reality. TapMango is a must to stay competitive in the every growing business world. Don’t waste anymore time you won’t regret it

Pros: Fully customizable around your business needs. This is a great CRM software designed to get your customers back through the door. Take away the guess work and know your return. Customer service is super friendly and always available.

Cons: Nothing bad to say. Everything works as intended…

– Michael J. S.

“Great Decision ”

Overall: Loyalty program is what I was looking for along with being able to connect with my customers….I have experience the power of text messaging and how powerful that tool is to bring your customers back….Hoping to experience the fencing as well

Pros: Very easy to use, quick response time for support. This software runs the back end of advertising when I am busy…..It brings loyal customers back and automatically lets are customers know when we have not seen them in a while. My customers absolutely love this software….I have had many compliments on this software.

Cons: The software claims to do everything I was looking for, but I have been waiting a while now for them to fix some of the apps that I was told I would have right away. Hopeful they can fulfill certain functions that sold me on the software to begin with.

– Renee L.

Reviews via Capterra

Is It Worth Using?

Having read our TapMango review you should already know whether or not you’ll be trying it out in your restaurant. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, comprehensive and fully customizable solution for your customer loyalty program then TapMango is a great choice. While there are countless customer loyalty software options to choose from, TapMango has just about every feature included within their software and they let you customize your program to look like it was custom made for your restaurant.

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