Sapaad Review: Cloud POS & Restaurant Management System

Are you looking for a solid cloud-based point of sale system? Does your restaurant offer delivery, and do you need a way to manage it?

If so, Sapaad may be right for you. This highly scalable platform offers many restaurants just what they need. Sapaad is for restaurants large and small and multi-location businesses. It can work for you if you need to provide online ordering and restaurant ordering.

Sapaad’s system helps you manage your restaurant and grow your business, all while providing your customers with a top-notch customer experience.

In this article, we’re reviewing Sapaad so you can decide how this platform can work for your restaurant.

What is Sapaad?

Sapaad is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) and restaurant management system for restaurants of all sizes.

Using Sapaad, you can take orders seamlessly over multiple channels. This means you can take in-store and online orders as well as orders from online food ordering platforms. All orders go to one place and are processed automatically in your cloud-based POS.

It couldn’t be easier to manage your restaurant using Sapaad because you can sell food anywhere:

  • On your Website, Facebook, and Instagram
  • In your restaurant with dine-in, self-order, take-away, walk-in, and even with a contactless QR code self-order system.
  • Through leading online food ordering platforms.

With Sapaad, you don’t need to enter anything manually. It all ends up in your POS.

Finally, you can take secure online payments with leading payment gateways like Stripe, CCAvenue, PayU and more. You can also manage your accounting, bookkeeping, and invoicing by integrating with third-party cloud-based accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, and others.

What are the Features of Sapaad?

SAPAAD is a full-featured cloud-based POS and restaurant management system. Its features include:

Table Management

This powerful feature lets your waiters take orders directly on a tablet. This increases your overall efficiency while improving customer service.

In addition, you can take payments tableside, and access all of your running orders on one screen. You can see all open orders and modify them or generate bills with one click.

You can also easily see the status of all your tables, how many are available, and when others are due to become available. This makes managing your flow incredibly easy.

You can manage the orders at each table, split the table, or even move orders between tables.

Everything you can think of when it comes to table management has already been thought of in Sapaad.

Analytics and Reporting

Another powerful feature that comes with Sapaad is a business dashboard. Through it, you can see how your restaurant is doing in real-time. You can view, export, and print reports.

You can monitor and analyze your sales and marketing trends for different time ranges. If you want to see what discounts have been used in a month, you can do that, too.

Order Integration

You can manage all of your ordering channels in one place. You can also manage your menus on your online partners’ platforms and sync them.

For example, if an item is out of stock or you want to add a discount, you can update your menu and watch the changes go live online as well as on any food delivery apps you’re using.

You don’t need multiple devices. All your online orders are sent right into the restaurant POS and your kitchen.

This leaves no room for human error, again improving customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management

You can manage your inventory, calculate ingredients and recipe costs, send purchase orders, reconcile and transfer stock between outlets. This enables you to control waste and manage food costs.

Self-ordering Kiosk

You can place these sleek, well designed Sapaad self-ordering Kiosks in your restaurant! Free up your staff to do other tasks while your kiosks take customers’ orders and payments. Your customers will love the convenience they offer.

Integrated CRM

You have everything you need with the Sapaad CRM. You can manage customer profiles and have access to a customer database including order history and preferences.

You also can track inactive customers and send SMS marketing campaigns.

Kitchen Display System

You can manage your kitchen’s workflow from order placement to its fulfillment with the help of Sapaad’s kitchen display system. You’ll find this improves your efficiency, speed of service, and even food quality.

Loyalty Management

With this add-on feature, you can ditch your separate loyalty system and use this one so your customers can earn, keep track of, and redeem their rewards with ease. Customers just need their mobile number to sign up. This loyalty system integrates right into the Sapaad POS.

Home Delivery Management

This feature lets you track home deliveries.

You can see when your customer places an order as well as when that order is delivered.

How Much Does Sapaad Cost?

When it comes to pricing, many restaurants will find that the pricing is easy to understand and fits into their budgets.

First, if you aren’t sure you are ready to use Sapaad, you can use their software for free during their 14-day trial period.

After that, they offer both monthly and yearly pricing.

  • A subscription for one month starts at $59 for one outlet. If you pay for a year you get one month free off of your annual subscription..
  • A subscription for one month for two outlets will cost $106 a month. If you pay for a year you also get one month free off of your annual subscription. As you add more outlets, the price per additional outlet will go down.

Once you’ve chosen your plan, you can also choose the add-ons you want at monthly or annual subscription rates.

  • To add Inventory which includes food costing, recipes, stock reconciliation, and stock management, you’ll pay $36 per month.
  • If you want to add the CRM option which includes a central call center, customer database, caller ID and order scheduling, you’ll pay $31 per month.
  • Many restaurants want to add Online Ordering and that includes online store ordering, Facebook and Instagram ordering, CRM integration, and order tracking. The monthly fee for this is $27.
  • You can add their Loyalty program for $13 per month. This includes a built-in loyalty program, with instant loyalty earnings upon customer enrollment, and a mobile number enrollment system. The Loyalty program includes all order types, and a secure redemption system.

With Sapaad and its add-ons, you can link all the modules together.

Is Sapaad the Right Choice for Your Restaurant?

If you’re ready to get started with Sapaad, you can get instant access to their platform. You have no risk because you don’t even have to give them your credit card. You have 14 days to try the cloud-based restaurant POS to see how it works for you.

Whether you’re a large or small restaurant, café, fast food, home delivery or take-out business, Sapaad might be the right choice for you.

You can manage everything from sales (both at your restaurant and online), deliveries, inventory, daily reporting, payments, accounting, etc. What’s more, it’s easy to set up, and you can run it from the web, your Android and iOS device.

If this sounds perfect for your business model, the best way to determine its usefulness to your restaurant is to sign up and begin your 14-day trial.

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