10 Restaurant Twitter Post Ideas to Reach More Customers

Social media is one of the greatest advertising tools for promoting any restaurant. Today, it’s practically mandatory to have a social media strategy to survive as a business.

Twitter is currently one of the top social media platforms with over 192 million active users. For any restaurant, that’s a lot of potential customers and you want to make sure that your posts are getting guests lined up at your door.

If you’re looking for restaurant Twitter post ideas, there are many ways to reach your audience and turn followers into customers.

Keep reading to learn about ten awesome ideas for your restaurant’s next Twitter post!

1. Get Started

Before you get started on deciding your first twitter post ideas, you want to ensure that you have all the basics ready.

Here is a quick checklist for your restaurant’s Twitter account:

  • Create a Twitter handle with a unique username
  • Allow extra time to get it verified
  • Be consistent in your posts
  • Tweet regularly and often – two to three times a day
  • Update your followers on promos or happy hour specials
  • Use popular hashtags and also create your own
  • If you want to gain a strong and loyal following, you have to post often and engage with your followers. Making sure that you like, follow back, and comment when your followers are engaging with you.

2. Feature Your Menu Items

One of the most obvious Twitter post ideas is items from your menu. Guests that are planning a visit to your restaurant want to see what they can expect on the menu.

Social media platforms rely on visuals and you want to use this to your advantage. You might consider hiring a professional photographer to capture your amazing selection of food and drinks.

High-quality photos make your food look attractive and set the tone for what guests will experience once they’re in your restaurant.

Alternatively, if you’re short on time and resources, you can also take advantage of the many menu templates available online. For example, Wepik offers a wide variety of menu templates to choose from, allowing you to easily customize your design and instantly share it with your followers.

Ensure to write a great paragraph about the menu item and use hashtags to get buzz around the post.

3. Re-post Customer Content

This is a great way to engage with your followers and your customers.

People love posting photos of their food, and of their dining experience. Research shows food photos are not only relatable but the purpose behind posting food photos is people’s need to document their lives in public.

You can make your customers feel special by re-posting or re-tweeting their content while at your establishment.

Your guests have likely used a location drop or a hashtag, and so they will be easy to find. Ensure that you stay engaged and consistently shout out your customers and their content.

If the account you are re-posting requires permission, offer the guest a free drink in return on their next visit.

4. Incorporate Contests and Give-Aways

Let’s face it, people love free stuff.

Organizing a giveaway or a contest is a great way to get followers to share, re-port, like, and comment on your content

Ensure that you give enough time that there is a lot of traffic on your posts and there is a build-up to the announcement of the winners. It’s fun and engaging for your followers and can lead to potential new guests for your restaurant.

The contest can be simple, like guessing a secret ingredient in a menu item, and the prize can be a dinner for two.

5. Highlight Staff Members

People love personal stories and bios. It creates a connection and puts a face to your business that people can relate to.

Ask a staff member for a short bio, and include their favorite dish on the menu. You can even make these into funny Twitter posts ideas, like behind the scenes of the restaurant staff and mishaps that might have happened at work.

6. Reward Your Regulars

Rewarding your regular guests is one of the best Twitter post ideas for business.

This shows your followers that you have some loyal customers – and for good reason. Show that becoming a regular at your restaurant comes with some major perks.

Encourage your regulars to post, share, and tweet content during their visit, and offer discounts on their favorite menu items or throw in an extra appetizer on the house.

This is also a great way to engage with your guests and followers alike.

7. Incorporate the Weather

Staying on top of the weather conditions is a great way to connect to your followers.

Using adjectives connecting the weather to your food is a way to lure your guests in, either to combat or complement the current weather.

Unseasonably warm and sunny? Come in for a refreshing margarita and start the weekend early. Rainy and depressing? Warm up with a hearty meal by the fireplace.

Weather-based marketing can help determine your customer behavior, provide a better customer experience, and increase the success of your advertisement.

8. Ask for Customer Input

There’s no better way to know what your customers want than to ask them.

Post questions on your Twitter asking what your customers would like. These can range from new menu items, upcoming events, and happy hour specials.

This is a great way to engage with your customers. You will have to gather the information and follow through on your guests’ needs.

9. Post About Your Restaurant’s Events

If you host events at your restaurant, you’re going to want to tweet about it.

Post flyers, pictures, and teasers to get people excited for your event. You can even give a special promotion to those who post your event on their Twitter – perhaps a welcome drink to those who have posted.

This is also an opportunity to make an after-trade-show Twitter post. Here, you post about the event after it has finished. Thank guests for coming, including pictures of the event, and inform followers of potential upcoming events.

Be sure to check out some ideas for creating restaurant entertainment for your guests.

10. Run a Twitter Poll For Your Restaurant

A great way to get feedback from your customers is to run a poll on Twitter. Twitter gives you the option to ask a question and have people vote on which option they prefer best. You can also select the length of time people have to answer which is important if it’s time sensitive.

You could have customers vote on your next new menu item to get them more involved and excited about visiting your restaurant. Have a couple new drink ideas? Let customers pick their favorite and then add it to the menu.

The Bottom Line on Twitter Post Ideas for Restaurants

Flaunting your restaurant on Twitter can be easier than you think. With these nine twitter post ideas for restaurants, you can get fun and creative posting your business. Talk about your events, post about your staff, engage with your followers, and include quality photos of your menu items.

These are all great ways to get your restaurant buzzing on Twitter and to get guests flocking to your doors.

Be sure to check out our blog for more ideas on restaurant advertising with social media.

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