PosterMyWall Review: How to Promote Your Restaurant with Branded Graphics

In the current age of marketing, it is no longer enough to have the finest eating establishment in the area with the best ambience, top chefs and mouth watering dishes. For your restaurant to be truly successful, people have to get to know about it and be fascinated enough by your offering to decide to visit you. This is easy to achieve with a smart and attractive marketing strategy involving a variety of techniques from old-school flyers to the latest digital signage and social media trends.

Of course, with consistent marketing, restaurants also have ongoing marketing design needs, from new menus to event promotions, and they often don’t have the technical skills or resources to create the type of professional graphics that will make them stand out from their competition. It could require one of the restaurant’s employees to study graphic design in order to develop the best marketing material.

But when little effort is put into graphic design, a restaurant’s bottom line will suffer because of it. In an ever-competitive industry, it isn’t something that most restaurants can choose to ignore. Poorly designed menus, advertisements, posters, and digital signage will make a restaurant look much less desirable to potential new customers who are browsing for a place to eat.

In comes PosterMyWall, a graphic design solution that can simplify the process of designing great promotional material for your restaurant at an affordable price. Read our PosterMyWall review below to see if it’s worth trying for your restaurant.

What is PosterMyWall?

PosterMyWall is a one-stop online solution for your restaurant’s graphic design needs. No prior design skills or graphic design experience is needed in order to create beautiful and stunning promotional material.

They offer over 150,000 professionally designed templates in order to simplify and accelerate the design experience for restaurants and many other industries. Included in these templates are a wide variety of themes that range from seasonal events like Valentine’s Day and Christmas to everyday events like Happy Hours and Open Mics that you might have going on in your restaurant.

Templates can be customized to match your restaurant’s brand by changing the text and colors, adding your logo, using your own fonts, uploading your images and/or videos or by choosing from a large list of stock resources. Users can also decide to create a design from scratch using the PosterMyWall editor which is designed for people with little or no design skills.

Once you have created the perfect design, you can easily repurpose it for different uses via their resize feature. This feature allows you to create different sizes of the same graphic for your Facebook page, Instagram account, event flyers, etc. in one go.

How Restaurants Can Use PosterMyWall

There are several unique benefits that PosterMyWall offers to restaurants that will allow you to stand out from your competition.

1. Menu Maker

Your marketing doesn’t end once your customers enter your restaurant. You still have an impression to make and your menu plays a huge role in it. PosterMyWall can be used to create stunning and impactful menus for your restaurant. You can choose from thousands of professional designed menu templates to find one that perfectly matches your restaurant aesthetic, or you can pick a theme menu according to seasonal events like Halloween, Christmas, Oktoberfest and more.

Each template is completely customizable in their easy-to-use editor that offers a full range of features. You can highlight menu items in order to mark certain dishes as special, indicate spice levels, nutritional values and more. You can add and save all of your menu items once and use them across all designs, updating them easily as your offering changes. Add daily specials or remove menu items that have run out in seconds and watch your digital signage menus get updated in real time.

2. Digital Signage

A recent digital marketing trend that is all the rage in restaurant promotion at the moment is digital signage. It is a powerful marketing device that can be used to not only entice customers with mouth-watering food videos and photos but also showcase your entire menu to them on one attention-grabbing screen. PosterMyWall can be used to create digital signage for your restaurant in minutes in order to display different menus or promotions in your restaurant. You can create 4k video for your digital signage by selecting one of the many video templates, customizing it to your restaurant’s needs and then displaying it using the play on smart tv option. Changing the content is easy to do from your computer or smartphone and it will automatically be updated on your digital signage screen.

3. Promo Maker

PosterMyWall can be used to create several different types of promotional material for your restaurant. From posters and flyers to personalized discount vouchers and shareable social media graphics, there are templates for almost anything. Displaying photos and videos of your delicious food items in eye-catching templates can make your restaurant stand out to potential new customers and drive traffic to your restaurant. You can use existing video templates or even convert an image design to a video by simply replacing the media with a stock video in a single click. Then, publish your stunning designs directly to social media with engaging captions without even leaving the website.


There are three pricing plan options for you to choose from.

1. Free (or pay per download)

This plan will give you access to more than 150,000 professionally designed image and video templates as well as free stock resources from Flickr, Pixabay, and Storyblocks. Social media graphics may be downloaded for free. You can also pay per download for high-resolution image designs with prices starting from $2.99. Designs that use Getty stock start from $4.99. Video downloads start from $14.95. You can resize and publish designs to social media for free.

2. Premium ($29.95 per quarter)

On top of the free plan, the premium plan gives you unlimited image downloads, 2 free credits each month and the ability to purchase videos and Getty stock designs with credits. You can also upload your own custom fonts to maintain brand consistency and schedule social media posts for later to save time. This plan includes priority customer support.

3. Premium Plus ($89.95 per quarter)

The premium plus plan includes everything in the premium plan plus unlimited video downloads and 3 free credits each month.

Is It Worth Using?

In our PosterMyWall review above we’ve gone over what exactly PosterMyWall is, what features it has to offer, how it can be used for restaurants and how much it all costs. So, is it worth using for your restaurant?

The short answer is yes, absolutely it’s worth using in order to improve and promote your restaurant. It will not only help you save time and money but also help to put your restaurant on the map with stunning promotions.

PosterMyWall is worth trying out because it’s so easy to use that anyone within your restaurant would be able to create menus or marketing materials with no prior design experience.

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