Instagram marketing for restaurants is an excellent way to attract attention to your brand and provide your customers with a personal and casual look into your business. Not only can it be a great way to encourage people to visit your location, but it can also help you strengthen your bond with existing customers.

If you have never used Instagram marketing for restaurants, consider some of the following tips that you can use to plan ahead for your business. Like with any endeavor, think of ways to make your personal message unique for your brand.

Use Personalized Link Shorteners

One of the best ways for any marketing professionals to take advantage of Instagram marketing for restaurants is to use a traffic shortening link to drive traffic immediately to the website.

While Google Analytics is a popular program, it does not always accurately track traffic back to the users visiting your Instagram account.

Other programs allow you to not only shorten your link into a more digestible form, but they also allow you to track user activity to your Instagram.

Be sure to create new links each time you plan on drawing attention to a different photo or feature to accurately document user direction and movement.

Bitly and are a couple good options for you to use.

instagram marketing for restaurants

Use Proper Bio Link Data

Instagram can be fun and spontaneous when used personally, but Instagram marketing for restaurants calls for a little bit more finesse.

In order to have the most powerful effects on your business, plan your posts in advance and link to your bio with every post. This can only help your platform, as customers who are already fans will know where to go, while new customers will have a reference for the future.

In this bio link, be sure to draw attention to your landing page and other valuable information, and you can use this link to collect leads, gain subscribers and promote your general site.

Always Cross-Promote

Finally, be sure to cross-promote with your partners whenever it is possible.

Instagram marketing for restaurants is all about building connections through the use of content. If you are a local brand, talk about some of your collaborations with other brands. This encourages you to appear more authoritative in your field, while allowing you to create lasting bonds with other businesses. It encourages local businesses to support you in the same way that you supported them, and it can be one of the most powerful tools to create a strong network and influence.

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