Ideas For Restaurant Theme Nights

Restaurant theme nights offer a fun way to add some creativity to your restaurant marketing strategy, and planning the right type of event can draw in new customers to add to your growing list of loyal regulars. Yet, it is important to come up with innovative and entertaining events that will make your brand stand out.

If you are looking for something that goes beyond the typical trivia night or two-for-one specials, then check out these ideas for restaurant theme nights that are guaranteed to draw a crowd.

Quirky Holiday Restaurant Theme Nights

The restaurant business tends to experience a huge drop off in sales between the major holidays. However, there is some type of random holiday designated for almost every day of the year. For example, April 14 is National Pecan Day and March 20 is National Take Your Sibling to Lunch Day. Use these types of events as inspiration to throw an unexpected party for your guests. Not only will everybody get into the spirit, but your customers will also appreciate your ability to turn any occasion into a special event.

Meet and Greet Events

Welcoming new people to your community is a great way to attract customers who are eager to explore their neighborhoods and find their favorite go-to spot. Once a month, send out a welcome flyer to new residents in your area, and invite them to an event where they can meet their new neighbors. For an added twist, you can offer a speed dating session for singles or host a networking event for other business owners.

restaurant theme nights

TV and Movie Themes

Sporting events always draw a crowd to restaurants, yet you can also plan restaurant theme nights around popular shows and movies. Invite guests to dress up as their favorite characters and prepare a special menu to fit the theme. If you have television screens in your restaurant, then you can also host a special viewing. To keep this theme going, you can show a sequel each week.

Test Kitchen Nights

Do you have an experimental chef and a customer base that loves being on the cutting edge? If so, then ditching the regular menu for an evening can provide a sense of excitement for your regular customers. While sampling new dishes, your customers can have the unique opportunity to share their thoughts with your staff in an intimate atmosphere that fosters long-term business. Allowing your guests to vote on potential new menu additions can also generate excitement about what your restaurant is planning next.

As you generate ideas for restaurant theme nights, keep in mind that the name of the game is fun. Everyone loves to feel as though they are on top of the latest trends, and the right theme should add a layer of entertainment that enhances the dining experience.

By taking your brand and customer interests into consideration, you can host an event that will drive sales on a regular basis.

Keeping your website up-to-date with all of your events can be a hassle, but extremely necessary. Need help managing your website? Let us know, we can help!

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