GloriaFood Review: The Free Online Ordering System for Restaurants

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Restaurant owners work tirelessly, in many different ways, to attract more customers and grow their sales. You’ve likely tried the usual happy hour specials, karaoke nights, or given out free coupons and discounts. However, one of the most effective ways to boost your revenue is through online ordering. Even if you don’t offer delivery, accepting pickup orders online through your restaurant’s website can boost your takeout orders by up to 30%.

GloriaFood is one of the only online ordering providers that offer a completely free solution for your restaurant (with paid upgrades). It’s so easy to use that your online ordering system with GloriaFood can be up and running today. That being said, GloriaFood is just one of the many online ordering providers that you can choose from. Read our GloriaFood review below to see if it’s the right choice for your restaurant.

What is GloriaFood?

It’s a free online ordering system for restaurants that allows you to accept orders for pickup and/or delivery through your restaurant’s website and Facebook page.

Here is a quick video explanation of GloriaFood.


How it Works for Restaurants

Restaurant owners can sign up through GloriaFood’s website. You’ll be asked to fill out some information about your restaurant including your address, contact information, opening hours, payment options and tax information. You’ll then begin setting up your menu with their easy to use drag and drop menu builder. If you can’t figure it out, or don’t have the time, there is no need to stress as GloriaFood will setup your menu for you for a small fee.

Once your account is setup you can publish the menu to your website and Facebook page. In order to add it to your website you’ll need to grab the HTML code that they provide and paste it to your website at the very top, where it’s very easy to spot by your customers. Adding the order button to your Facebook page is even easier and you can do this automatically through the admin dashboard.

In order to receive notifications of new orders your restaurant will only need to download their app on any iOS or Android device. No additional hardware is required. That means no more answering the phone or checking your email for new orders. When a new order comes in the app will ring with a notification of the order. You can then review the order and accept it, or decline it, and provide a pickup/delivery time.

In addition, you can also use their free restaurant receipt template that enables you to customize your restaurant receipts the way you see fit, and even to promote your restaurant for free.

How it Works for Customers

Your customers will just need to click the order button on your website or Facebook page for your online menu to popup. They’ll be able to choose which items they want, select specific options (ie. type of sauce, choice of side dish, toppings, crust etc.), and select pickup or delivery for the order. Once you accept the order the customer will see their expected fulfillment time and receive an email receipt of their order.

The online ordering menu is mobile friendly so that your customers can order from any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Free? What’s the Catch?

The basic system is completely free. You can accept unlimited orders for pickup or delivery without paying any commission, use the system for any number of locations, and even sign up without a credit card. There is no setup fee or hidden costs.

There are however a few additional paid upgrades that you may want to make use of in order to increase your sales. We’ll take a look at those below.

Additional Features

Accepting online payments is a paid add-on for $29 per month. This will allow you to connect your ordering system to your payment gateway and allow customers to pay online. Without this add-on you can still accept orders if the customer pays in store or on delivery.

Advanced promo marketing is a paid add-on for $19 per month. While you can run one promo at a time on the free plan this will unlock some additional promo options and let you run multiple promos at a time. Some of the promo types include the following:

  • Get a free item (ie. free drink on any order $30+)
  • Buy one, get one free (ie. buy a main dish and get the second for free)
  • % discount on selected items (ie. 30% off on any dessert or drink)
  • Fixed discount amount on cat (ie. fixed discount amount on the total cart value)
  • % discount on cart (ie. % discount on your total cart value)
  • Free delivery (ie. free delivery for orders over a certain cart value)
  • Buy 2, 3… get one free (ie. buy two main dishes and get the third for free)

Branded mobile apps are a paid add-on for $59 per month. Get your very own app listed in the app store for customers to download and order through on their phone or tablet.

GloriaFood also offers a free table reservation system which allows customers to reserve a table through your website or Facebook page. Customers will even have the option of ordering food in advance which will help reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

Is GloriaFood the Right Choice?

Our GloriaFood review should give you a good idea about whether or not it’s the right choice for your restaurant. If you’re looking for a low-cost solution that is quick and easy to install and get going then GloriaFood has to be one of your best options to choose from. You’ll be able to get set up and begin taking orders in a matter of minutes.

Most restaurants run with a tight budget, so having a free online ordering system at your disposal is quite amazing. The additional paid features are also affordable enough that they’ll end up paying for themselves and then some.

The only instance where GloriaFood might not be the optimal choice is if you’re only offering catering. Orders must be accepted by the restaurant within three minutes or it’s cancelled. The reason for that is so that the customer isn’t waiting around wondering if their order will be prepared or not, and at what time it will be ready. Catering orders are usually made well in advance and you may need more time to review them.

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