Food Truck Promotion Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

Food trucks are becoming more and more popular by the day. Lots of competition means that truck owners need to find new and original ways of promoting their business in order to stay alive. Here are a few food truck promotion ideas to market your food truck that you may not have thought of.

Attract Attention To Mobile Restaurant Trucks

Many restaurants in large cities have mobile catering vans that park in various neighborhoods to offer meals to customers. This is a great service that helps out individuals needing fast access to healthy meals located near workplaces and schools.

The restaurants that provide these mobile catering services require interesting food truck promotion ideas to increase business and profits. In many cases, there are numerous restaurant vans parked along busy streets where pedestrians are walking. To attract attention, a truck needs to stand out from the others to get customers to buy food.

Unique And Fun Food Truck Promotion Ideas

Some of the most popular food truck promotion ideas include:

  • Painting trucks bright colors such as yellow, red or orange
  • Embellishing trucks with unusual designs such as stripes or dots
  • Making a truck look unusual such as like a cow or pig
  • Playing interesting music sung by popular artists
  • Calling out to customers as they walk past to get business
  • Starting a localized social media campaign
  • Following up with customers to get their feedback

food truck promotion ideas

Stand Out From The Other Food Trucks

Using food truck promotion ideas is vital because there is a lot of competition in this particular service industry. Many customers visiting mobile catering vans have a limited amount of time to order food and eat.

The mobile catering vans often congregate near large office buildings, factories and colleges where numerous people need a quick meal for lunch or dinner. With only 30 minutes to stand in line, order and eat, mobile catering services need to ensure that the customer makes a direct beeline to a particular van. This means that a mobile catering van that stands out from the crowd will get business faster.

Additional ways to get more business with food truck promotional ideas are:

  • Passing out menus with prices ahead of time
  • Handing out discount coupons for food and beverages
  • Offering free drinks or desserts with a minimum purchase
  • Going door-to-door with advertising flyers
  • Making menus on trucks easy to read from a distance
  • Bring your truck around local festivals and events
  • Get to know local companies to setup shop outside their office for lunches

Offer Excellent Service And Great Value

Customers are also attracted to a good value, so offering buy one get one free on certain products encourages them to order food. In addition, customers enjoy consuming particular brands of beverages, and offering these can make a customer stop there for a drink and food at the same time. At the same time, make it easy for customers to pick up and transport the food and beverages by supplying carrying trays or bags.

Mobile catering services must combine preparing meals and drinks quickly by also having tasty products that are the correct temperature. Serving lousy food will lead to bad word-of-mouth, reducing a mobile catering services customer base drastically.

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