Facebook Marketing Ideas For Restaurants

When you have a Facebook page for your business, you want to think about how you can leverage that social media presence to gain more customers.

Google has an algorithm that helps them rank pages online while Facebook has a similar algorithm that ranks pages based on popularity, relevance and recency. It uses those items to decide whether your page should be shown in the news feeds of your network.

You need to gain some popularity with your followers through Facebook marketing ideas for restaurants. Make sure every post is relevant to your audience. This will make it more popular as well. You want people to be engaged with your content, but it can be difficult to decide what’s relevant and engaging to your audience.

Facebook marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. It helps to have a real plan of attack to make the most of your page. You can vary your marketing based on the results of engagement, but make sure you are steady and faithful with your postings.


People love recipes. Foodies love beautiful pictures of food too. If you combine them in Facebook marketing ideas for restaurants, you could have a post that will engage many of the people in your audience.

They’ll share these recipes with other foodies, and you could have a winning marketing campaign with little effort.

When you share a recipe along with a picture, make sure it links to your restaurant’s website. Links will help you convert these visitors to customers through a reservation on your site.

Fun and Quirky

If you can’t think of a fun marketing campaign for your restaurant, don’t leave it blank and unappealing. You can be random and quirky instead of invisible and boring.

Jump on the bandwagon of memes and post one that you’ve created for your restaurant. There are plenty of meme generators online that will help you make a cute, random or funny meme that will amuse customers.

facebook marketing ideas for restaurants

Staff Contest

Another Facebook marketing ideas for restaurants is a staff contest. This event has two purposes. Customers can vote on their favorite server, and the staff has an incentive to provide better service.

Add pictures and stories of the staff on the restaurant’s Facebook page along with a chart of who is winning day by day. It should increase page engagement as well as encouraging customers to support their favorite staff.

The marketing method you choose for your restaurant should be one that fits with your restaurant’s style as well as the time you have to devote to the Facebook marketing campaign. You don’t want to pick a campaign that you won’t follow until the end.

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