eatOS Review: What You Need for Restaurant Management

Restaurants today are looking for ways to streamline services, and eatOS can help do just that.

Built for restaurants of all sizes, from large chains to small local restaurants, many will find the eatOS Point of Sale (POS) ecosystem can help them simplify the way they do business.

What’s more, you can even take their POS one step further and add contactless at table ordering with pay at table options to improve the overall guest experience.

In this eatOS review, we’re looking at eatOS and how it may be what you need for restaurant management.

What is eatOS?

A relative newcomer in the arena of restaurant management technology solutions, eatOS offers restaurants an all-in-one solution.

Almost everyone involved in developing eatOS has come from a restaurant/hospitality background, which helped them build a system by restaurateurs for restaurateurs. Part of the development process was also to work with restaurant managers and staff on the frontlines to hash out the smallest possible features desired to make their jobs easier. This led to eatOS having one of the most user-friendly and feature-rich systems on the market.

Committed to expanding and evolving to stay on the cutting edge for their restaurateurs. They offer restaurants the software they need to cut costs, run more efficiently, and enhance overall customer experience.

The eatOS cloud-based platform works on both iOS and Android (and soon on Windows, Linux, and MacOS), so restaurants may not even need to change their existing hardware.

What are the Product Options?

With so many options for each restaurant’s unique needs, let’s take a look at their solutions now.

eatOS Review

Point of Sale System

Their complete POS is built for both quick and full-service restaurants. Not only can you use it online and connected to the Cloud, but you can use it offline. It also comes with an optional 4G/5G backup for processing payments in case your internet goes down.

eatOS POS is built for restaurant management in mind as it integrates with all of their other offerings. In addition, the cloud-based system syncs across all devices in real time.

You’ll find these options included in the POS:

  • Table management: Build your floor plan, track occupancy and table turn time, access analytics, manage customer profiles with their favorite foods, allergies, and more. Plus, you can incorporate seat-level ordering, enhancing your overall customer experience, all directly from the app or the online dashboard.
  • Contactless Order & Pay at the table options: These increase customer service by letting diners order and pay at their convenience without having to wait for servers to place an order or check out. This also reduces errors and turns your tables faster.
  • Payments: Online and offline payments including touchless options like Apple Pay & Google Pay, Venmo, Paypal, and more so you never have to refuse a customer’s preferred payment type.
  • Multi-user environment: this lets your entire staff share up-to-date real-time info at all times.
  • Menu management: With a unique ability to link Menus to Google sheets as well as the ability to upload MS Excel and build directly in the POS or dashboard, eatOS makes menu management a breeze. You can build as many menus as you’d like and access them on the main POS screen.. For example, you might have a dinner menu, happy hour menu, or a special occasion menu.

Kitchen Display System

Another feature with the eatOS restaurant management system besides using a standard printer is the ability to connect front-of-house systems like the POS, self-ordering kiosk, online and table ordering to the kitchen team via a large touch-enabled Kitchen Display. It is also multilingual.

The software operates on kitchen heat grade hardware and can handle multiple features including analytics and reporting of your prep times, food wastage, and cancellations. This is powerful information and can help save you money in the long run and help expeditors route to different chefs and send messages to servers when food is ready to be picked up.

Because it’s fully digital, restaurants don’t have to worry about printer downtime, printing, paper, and ink costs either.

The Self-Service Kiosk

Another benefit of eatOS is the very easy-to-use self-ordering kiosk.

Not only does it integrate into the POS and kitchen display screen, but it also works with Square and other point of sale systems.

Using the self-service kiosk helps you take care of your customers in a no-contact, modern fashion.

It also helps you reduce wait times and increase check size as it recommends suggestions to your customers based on popular items.

Letting customers order for themselves also saves you money on staff costs.

Reporting and Analytics APP & Dashboard

Restaurants will appreciate the intuitive analytics and reporting that shows data on menu analytics, daily sales, labor data, product mix, and more. You get all the reports right in one place.

With a real-time reporting Analytics app restaurant owners and managers can see and compare data on the go from multiple locations. By using cloud reporting, you can view the data from anywhere and on any device. You can see real-time data, and you can set reports to run nightly.

eatOS also takes it one step further and provides restaurants with insights on how to save money while improving business and overall efficiency.

In addition, you can see reports over time comparing month over month and year over year.

Contactless Ordering

In a time when people are looking for no contact options, eatOS also finds its place with touchless ordering options.

Customers can order online on your website or branded app, order with a QR code or tap, and pay at the table. Other features include the ability for customers to order ahead, split payments, save their profiles, see previous orders, and pay, all while integrating with the POS.

Workforce Management

Because eatOS is an all-in-one solution, you can expect to manage your workforce through the software as well.

Employee information is accessible from one screen, and you can create detailed profiles, schedules, permissions, absence, and time off allowances.

With GPS-enabled iOS and Android apps, you can schedule employee times and shifts while letting your team swap shifts on their own.

You can also export payroll data and even populate it directly into your payroll software.

Bonus features mean you can also see when your employees clock in and out in real-time. What’s more, the system notifies management when employees forget to clock out at the end of the shift, work overtime, or even when they fail to take their break.

The workforce management option streamlines employee data for you and puts everything right where you need it – in one place.

Online Ordering, Personalized App, and Website

OrderOS is the online and app ordering system that allows restaurant owners to open a customized website and app for their customers to place an order and pay on the go.

Unlike other services, it connects to the eatOS POS and KDS for all reporting and preparation management and has a built-in ability for restaurants with limited delivery teams to order a delivery driver directly from the POS or Delivery app.

And unlike large-scale delivery apps, it’s commission-free and fully integrated into your existing payment systems and reporting.

How Much Does eatOS Cost?

eatOS has the customer in mind when it comes to their pricing. Instead of offering all their services at one bundled price, they let restaurants choose which pieces of the software they want to use.

You get to choose the solution that works for your restaurant, and you can customize the platform with the features you need. Ultimately you build your own plan and choose the hardware bundle at the price point and with the features that work for you.

Their choices include:

  • If you have your own hardware, for $99, you can purchase the software only. This includes their cloud-based reporting, kitchen operations, and menu management. You can get bundle discounts for each terminal you add. In addition, you may be able to get the price for less than $99 for annual plans and volume discounts.
  • They offer a hardware bundle with financing. This includes a point-of-sale terminal with stand, cash drawer, receipt printer, and credit card reader. You can also add kitchen display screens and self-service on-table kiosks. They also include warranties and next-day replacement plans.
  • They offer onboarding starting at $649. They deliver pre-configured hardware with your menu and restaurant details programmed in. One of their support specialists will help you set it up either onsite or over the phone. Their live support is open 24/7.
  • If you want to use their system to take payments, they offer this for a flat rate. Their payment system integrates with all major credit card processors.

Is eatOS the Right Choice for Your Restaurant?

If your restaurant is looking for one system to handle everything from employees to customers to your menu and overall point of sale system, then the eatOS restaurant management system is a great choice.

As a new company, they are on the cutting edge of software development, and they are dedicated to listening to their restaurant customers.

Their overall goal is to help you drive growth, and their system is well poised to do just that. If you’ve found this eatOS review interesting you can book a demo to see what it’s all about.

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