Eat App Review: Industry Leading Restaurant Reservation System That Helps You Grow

In the ever-changing restaurant climate and with the increased competition today, you may be looking for a way to grow your business.

The perfect answer is with a restaurant reservation system. You also want to pick the right system for your restaurant and one with a proven track record.

What’s more, using a restaurant reservation system helps you automate your business which in turn improves the overall customer experience. Everything runs more efficiently, and your customers leave feeling satisfied and looking forward to coming back.

If you’re ready to invest in a restaurant reservation system to help your restaurant grow, the answer is the Eat App.

Eat App has proven itself many times to be the industry leader in restaurant reservation systems. With enhanced automation features, your restaurant will be on the cutting edge. In fact, the current restaurants using Eat App have seen the following improvements:

  • 15% increase in return customers
  • 19% increase in average check size
  • 25% reduction in no-shows

For many restaurants, Eat App may be a good solution.

What is Eat App?

Eat App is your restaurant’s new reservation and guest software. Not only will it streamline your restaurant, but it will also help you market to your customers to increase customer loyalty.

With Eat App’s advanced guest CRM and built-in personalization features, you can welcome your guests back. This helps encourage customer retention by showing your diners you care about them.

You can also use the app to fill more tables and control your guest flow. This helps you deliver a great customer experience.

Eat App helps you focus on your guest because it does the heavy lifting for you with its enhanced automation features.

Because their automation is integrated into their table management and CRM, you work more efficiently and have time to really cater to your restaurant customers.

What are the Features?

With the many features of Eat App, your restaurant can run on autopilot while you concentrate on your customers.

Restaurant Automation

They offer you an industry first restaurant automation. Their system fits right into your restaurant and automates everthing.

  • It automatically updates reservation status if your guests are late or don’t arrive.
  • It helps you personalize the guest experience. For example, you can automatically trigger customer messaging for their birthday, anniversary, and more.
  • Eat App tags your repeat customers, so you can send them messaging that keeps them coming back.
  • You can also set automation rules to automate whatever you’d like.

Customized Reporting for Your Restaurant

To help your restaurant grow, you need the right analytics. With their system, you can view fully customizable reports.

You can break these reports down by time range, customer spend, shifts, and many other factors. It is the most customizable reporting suite you can find in a restaurant reservation system.

Some of the best features include:

  • Being able to see repeat visit trends. This lets you see how well you’re doing with customer retention.
  • The ability to gauge your busiest times. This can help you staff your restaurant appropriately. Do this by hour, day, week, month, or even the holidays.
  • Being able to send customer feedback surveys. You can see the data over time. This helps you see where you might need some more customer service training.

Restaurant Reservations

Eat App is terrific when it comes to its booking widget. Their tool is much more than a reservation system. You can use it to generate more reservations, increase your customer base, and build your customer loyalty and retention rates.

  • The reservation system can auto recommend times to your customers. For example, your customer tries to book 7 pm on Friday night. If you are full, the system can automatically suggest alternative times for them. This helps improve the customer experience by reducing your guest’s disappointment. It also helps you market reservations in the future.
  • It offers not only reservations, but a virtual waitlist, events, online ordering and even delivery.
  • You can also offer time-based discounts to help fill your restaurant during your slow times.
  • You can customize and send automatic SMS and email confirmations to your diners. This is another great experience for them.

Table and Shift Management

You will turn more tables with Eat App. It helps you keep track of capacity limits, so your tables stay full.

In addition, it lets you see the timeline, grid, and floor at one glance. This helps you avoid double booking and kitchen issues.

How Much Does Eat App Cost?

One of the things we like about Eat App is you can try it for free. You don’t even need a credit card to see if it will work for your restaurant.

You simply sign up for their free 14-day trial without a credit card, and you get a free online demo with a member of the Eat App team.

With three different pricing options available, we’ve found Eat App to be an affordable full-featured reservation and table management system.

Restaurants can choose from a basic, pro, or enterprise plan. The rates are as follows:

  • The basic plan is $119 per month. This covers online reservations, messaging, table management, stored guest data, automation, and basic daily reports. For an extra $90/month, you can integrate it with your POS, and for $25/month, you can integrate it with your phone system. You also get 250 SMS notifications to customers per month.
  • When you upgrade to the pro plan, you are looking at $209 per month. This gets you all of the features in the basic plan as well as some added features including:
    o Custom design
    o White label booking widget
    o Custom booking information
    o Virtual waitlist
    o Time slot discounts
    o Online ordering and a digital menu
    o 1000 SMS confirmations
    o Custom email templates for your customers
    o Guest segmentation and management
    o In depth reporting and analytics
    o Marketing automation and guest tagging
  • With the Eat App enterprise plan, you can request the price from the. You also get unlimited SMS confirmations, POS integration and phone integration for free.

You can see that for just a bit more per month, the Eat App options are robust and sure to suit any restaurant’s needs.

Is Eat App the Right Choice for Your Restaurant?

With a free trial that doesn’t even require a credit card, you have nothing to lose by trying Eat App.

It’s a full-service app for your restaurant management that you can use anywhere for online reservations, automated table management, marketing, analytics, and more.

The three pillars of Eat App are vital to the success of any restaurant. Their goal is to help you delight your guests, grow your revenue, and be more efficient at the same time.

If you’re ready to grow your restaurant and take it to the next level, Eat App is just be the platform you’re looking for.

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