How Background Music Gives Your Japanese Restaurant The Right Ambiance

Japanese Cuisine Growing in Popularity

In 2013, Japanese food was registered on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List following French cuisine. As of 2019, the number of overseas Japanese restaurants has exceeded 110,000 and continues to increase rapidly. Japan’s traditional food culture has gained international acclaim and has spurred much more demand. Western culture once perceived Japanese restaurants as more luxurious. However, recently more casual Japanese restaurants are opening up and attracting customers. In addition to the classic sushi restaurants, the number of restaurants specializing in yakitori, ramen, udon, soba, and takoyaki have also increased.

While Japanese food has become established outside of Japan with great success, traditional background music has not carried over in the same way. Restaurants in Japan often set the right ambiance with classic Japanese music. However, western Japanese restaurants are often playing western pop, K-Pop, or other music that does not match the ambiance of their restaurant. This can often effect the experience that customers have at the restaurant in a negative way. The background music can also help Japanese restaurants stand out from their competitors.

Japan Ambience Background Music Player

In comes the solution, the Nash Music Channel app. They’ve been producing music for over 35 years for a wide range of Japanese clients that includes broadcasters, corporations, stores, and restaurants. Their music has been air on a variety of TC shows, dramas, commercials, games, anime, YouTube videos and played in the background of convenience stores, supermarkets, cinemas, theme parks, retail stores, and several restaurants throughout Japan.

The app, which costs $3 per month, includes all “made in Japan” background music that restaurants can use to bring the cultural sounds of Japan to their customers. To find the right ambiance you can use the keyword and tag search by entering in a type of dish such as “ramen”, “yakitori”. “sushi”, or a type of restaurant such as “izakaya” or “sake bar” to get the right tracks. The huge range of songs offers each restaurant the right fit; whether they have a busy and louder crowd or a small and intimate setting.

Authentic Japanese restaurants use seasonal tableware (with flowers and leaves) and decorate their space accordingly. It’s considered an art, not just the taste of the dishes but the decorating of the restaurant itself. Music marries all of the elements within the restaurant to give to right ambiance for the customer. Background music is also important because of how it helps reach all five senses of the customer and puts them in an authentic Japanese setting.

All of the music on the Nash Music Channel app is the Japanese background music studio’s original work and includes the copyrights. There are no song limits or royalty charges as that is all covered in their subscription fee. Online or offline, the app can be used anywhere you carry your smartphone or tablet. Make your Japanese restaurant more exquisite.

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