A Guide To Using Foursquare For Restaurants

Similar to other geo-locational search sites, but with a twist, Foursquare offers visitors the opportunity to locate places and specific activities wherever they chose to visit or travel. People are then encouraged to share these experiences with their friends, and any other eager onlookers.

It is the new buzz in social media to let your friends know exactly where you’re hanging out, and what activities you are up to. For end users, it may be considered a one stop shop for social outdoor interaction.

Foursquare really is one site that encourages sharing through Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that the word is spread via multiple outlets.

Restaurants and Foursquare

Social media is a wonderful thing. It can take you places and connect you with people all over the globe. The world is certainly smaller now and we have come to learn that our little planet is open to us, should we be inclined to let it in.

It is almost expected for you have a multi-layered online presence and Foursquare is another vehicle for that, but does offer a few surprises.

When visiting an area, users of Foursquare may wish to know where the nearest restaurants are in the district. This is where this application can assist your potential customers locate you and tell others about you, in real-time. It then goes on to allow for opinion and comment on your establishment via interaction with others online.

Offering Incentive

Foursquare has gained popularity because not only does offer this, but also encourages customer commentary as well as tips on food, and service standards (and we all know how much people love to impart their two cents worth).

No longer should this be a scary venture into the unknown for any business. As a restaurant owner, it is imperative you know what the word on the street is concerning your establishment.

Wouldn’t you rather know, then go blindly into the future thinking everything is OK when it is clear that things could be better?

As a restaurant participator, you can provide your loyal customers with points and incentives to offer these tips, ongoing. After all, you want people to share the fact that they’re in your venue, with the hope that their friends may join them.

The thing about Foursquare is that it allows users to give simple and brief tips on a particular venue and share them via social media. As an example, an end user may say “Ricks Restaurant on 7th Street has the BEST pumpkin pie in the state, you gotta try it”.

More people means more profit.

The best thing for your customers is they may, through constant interaction, become the ‘Mayor’ of your venue. If your staff know to recognise such loyalty, they can offer a prize or a discount as a thank you.

But incentives are not just for the end user. Foursquare has been knows to offer businesses incentives to those venues offering “foursquare specials”. They have offered to feature businesses who do this, hence bringing more attention to the venue. The sky really is the limit with this type of business partnering. It’s a creative, forward thinking way to get more people on seats.

So, How Do You Like Those Apples?

Consider it a marketing tool like any other. Knowing how your restaurant is viewed and gauging peoples excitement can allow the business owner to allocated funds to certain areas of improvement. It can assist in identifying staff who are awesome and engaging customers enough to return multiple times.

This kind of information is invaluable, and is coming directly from the horse’s mouth – those who are spending their money.

Give Me More

For the end user, Foursquare gives options and will tell in detail, what’s going on in the area chosen. For a restaurant to be included means to share in the travels, food and activities people may be looking for.

“But I just want people to book a table at my restaurant”, I hear you say.

Sometimes an online booking service isn’t really required when considering using a site like this for social online presence, especially for those spur of the moment s happen when customers are out and about. You can utilise other applications such as OpenTable for these kinds of services, where you feel it appropriate.

Do People Already Know About My Restaurant on Foursquare?

If you wish to add your restaurant, there is a couple of ways, but begin by downloading the App and start searching for your business. It may already be on Foursquare and you didn’t even know it. This is primarily because when a user tries to “check in” to your place and cannot find you, they simply add your business name.

A lot of times restaurants and cafés are already on the database due to previous visitors letting others know where they are.

You can claim your business, just follow the instructions. Also to add your business if it’s not already been discovered, the best way is to again, follow Foursquare’s guide. As with all these kind of geo-locational sites there is always support to be had. Use it, that’s what it is there for.

Point of Difference

There is social media for those who like to be a little more indoors, and communicate within their own four walls, and then there’s social media through outward interaction. Foursquare has tapped directly into the outdoors market. It wants your customers to let others know exactly where they are, what they’re doing and why, at any given moment.

Whether eating, drinking, or playing is the goal for the day, this is designed to encourage interaction and awareness of all places of interest wherever the user may be.

For restaurant owners, understanding the role of this type of media and the part it can play in your business’ success is no longer considered a waste of time, but a sound business decision with revenue growth possibilities.

Use the applications that empower you to connect to existing and potential customers to your advantage at all times. You may find that using multiple site is of great benefit and chose something like 

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